Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I like Imagine by Juan Lenon

John Lenon was english singer the a band much famous, do you remember who is this band?, don´t worry I have the anwer...The Beatles!!!, but this singer was died in 1980.

The first time than listen this song was much months back in the winter, in a rain´s have one beautiful word!!! you listened the song?.

This song is wave spring (emergente) rock of the 70´s, but Im not sure that.

Simon ours ask how often I listen to it, I should say, than I listen this song every days.

I like because talk about the beautiful will be the world without things bad has hunger people and less injustice, where all people live happy together with animal in peace....

But no is the one best song for my, too Amazing The Rolling Stones and I Still Love de Scorpions...It can sound very onion but its song very good...

if do you like some of this song write my..ok?

by...see you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The firts Class with teacher Simon

I thought in the morning than today would be a beautiful and great day, but I remembered than today I start the english class, uf! awful!!!, I arrive in the after and not it was very awful.