Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My prefer activity

Far the best place for to visit for me, it is the match of rugby between the South Africa v Barbarians, near the Waterloo station. Because the barbarians have the best try of the history in where seven or nine players touch the ball after of achieve a goal or try, this it was in 80´years so so.
But I see another place very interesting called Café de Paris in where there are show old the night like dancing, opera and theater, this option I could be the best for my because to my girlfriend prefer this places than watch a rugby match.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nintendo Game!!! :) -> XD

When I was a child a I love played in a square or a street witch a lot of childrens more, we played much types of plays or games like to hides, burns or play gemes as Nintendo o Zega, we was greats plays.
In this contex it had a game than it was my preferite, the Nintendo, is those time near of the 95´ the sensation of that moment it´was Mario Bros, a sovietic than lived in american for that his colour red and mustache jajaujauaja, now in serious, the best geme it was the word of Mario Bros, I remember much moment played with my cousins and friends.
In this game you had than save to a princess of a emperor very bad, for achieve this aim you had than to kill a thousands of small animals or criatures. You could play with two jostings for control a Luigui, than it was the brother of Mario.
In really I learn to play I alone, practice much time played with anothers games of the diferent kinds, my father only learn me to arm the console of video game.
I played of a long time, during my age in the school, but that bring me a lot the problems with my mom, she prohibited me watch tv and more play Nintendo with my friends in my room. One day when I arrived to home I see my album the football above the stove and immediate I blame to my mom, more later remembering notice me than when I out of hose I leave above the stove my album.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I think than a greatest chilean can to be not only really people if not too a animal or better a cartoon like for example one with the who a lot of the young and olds it´s identify, like is the case of Condorito, than is the representation por the craftiness of the chilean.
It do many years ago your can see and read a this personage in the “Condorito magazine” in where it speak about the life of chileans like his funny moment, this comic is great!!!. Condorito live all day in Pelotillegue a nice place in where happen much funny thing.
This Comic is more importan than only his act of show funny things, in his pages show the importan of daily events like the friendship or evilness the anothers, for that I like read this chilean comic.
When I arrive to Pelotillehue I question him: why even theren´t marritage beetwen your and Yayita?, moreover ¿why head of egg have head of eggs and not of cucumber or carrot? and finally, Why Coné never grow in all the history?
Now I find out than Cesar kindnap me topic “Condorito”, jajajaja this can´t to be!!!
I remember when we travel with my family always read Condorito comic in the bus to was good moment od my childhood, but never i complete of read the comic in the bus... because I boring later of a time.