Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the RUGBY...more than a passion :O

The Rugby ang the Foolball

The FIFA world cup started a few days ago, it was very important until that Chile lost against the best team of the globe "Brasil", but few people knew about the mundial of the rugby in the year 2007 at France. The Rugby started same time than the foolball, in England. In a text about this sport say that the Football is a sport of gentlemans played for pimps and than Rugby is a sport of pimps played for gentlemans...I know both sport and i think it depends... Who all we know South Africa haven´t a great team of football, but in Rugby are world champions, however aren´t only than played good this sport, in south america the Pumas of argentina are the best of the continent and the Condores de chile than aren´t so bads, too it play good. In Chile there are much teams as: University Catholic, University of Concepcion, The Wild Boar, and others team very bad as the University of Chile....bright is a joke... Bye!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the best foolball -> Chilean Team

Hi classmates the red the all!!!

I find it amazing that all the world is alert the Foolball World Cup, these activitys do that people of all part of the world forget his problems for a momento, but we can´t to forget the reality, tomorrow for example “the transantiago” up the ticket cost.Well, about the Chile and Honduras game, I could to watch only a Little time the game.Since very early in the morning I listen bugles or vuvuzelas in my neightborhood, it was awful, sounded as a honeycomb. Few after I get up and i eating breakfast i watch the game ten or fifteen minutes, I was only in the living room but i can´t to see the goal the Beausejour, in this moment my father was in his bed room.
I enjoyed a few the game but was enouht for to know that Chile would win the match, in a part Vidal almost do a goal!!! of head.
But although Vidal is a great fooball player the figure the game it was Alexis Sanchez, he danced a the defences played other team, i think that they could to do more goals.
According me no it was a worst chilean played because all played with precision and claw for his country…jajujauj or if no, they could´t come back to Chile jajaja.
I´m sure that chilean team can win the World Cup, nothing is impossible, in much sport we are or was number one, for example in karate or female football, although no is the same…

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Construccion!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi classmates, I´ll tell you about my best Holiday...

My best Holiday

I have the better remembers about that Cucao holiday, it was my second Holyday with Natalia, my girlfriend of all the life. Ours first together holidays was in Mendoza of Argentina. This travel was in the summer 2007. Months before of begin the university, it was great!!!...
We traveled ten or more hours from Santiago to Puerto Montt by bus, in where we took other bus to Castro, the capital city of the province the Chiloé, this travel it was the same day that we arrived to Puerto Montt, the day was beautiful.
We took a backpack each, in where we had much things for to eat, clothe and candys…jajajaja!...
From Castro we travel to Ancud, in where we pay a bedroom in a hostal, the room was very little but it was very warm. This day, we visit the handmade center, this centre today no exist, sad :(.
The Ancud we travel to Quellón, in this place the sea move back fifty or one hundred sea inside, is for this process that is this island the houses are palafittes. In this town, we sleep two night in tent.
After we travel to Cucao, in this town there is five or ten houses nothing more, but there is one lake beautiful, and the beach is more beautiful and more cold. Is funny, because in this beach the cows eaten algas….

that was my best holiday…
see you classmates and friends!

Hi Classmates!

I`ll write on a of the best geography subject for me….

But, I haven´t one favourite geography subject, is more I like all the subjects.
I`ll tell about the subjects of introduction to the Glaciology, Geomorphology and the Climatology.
My teachers was F. Ferrando for Introduction to the Glaciology, J. Araya in Geomorphology and A. Mauro in Climatology… These three subjects are very important for understand the glaciological process, that so much I like. Chile have a big territory with hundreds the glaciers, on all in the south of ours country, I like this topic because it cover much interactions between anthropological topics and the nature environment.
For I put in practice these subjects I have learnt more english, it`s very important to know this language for to read papers about the Glaciology, because the major number of the research this in english.
Today I feel that know very few, I say not that I`m ready for it`s a geographer…I lack much for to be a big geographer that is the idea when I finish the university…I can to do much things in this moment for finish more ready who to study English for example…
That is all, bye!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Work for 2/6/2010

your have that entre to: