Monday, May 31, 2010

+ The Geography is the best thing !!! +

I decided to study Geography because…

+ I´m very obsessive, is for they that no I couldn´t sleep in the night. When I complete the secondary school I´ll like study a career that it will have his objective in the nature environment, in where I´ll can to be near of fresh air, with animals and plants. But also it will add the antropic effect above the natural environment. The geograpy do that and more.
To day, I dream with the geography anywhere….I see the geography in each place that I visit.
All it began when I was a little boy, I dreamer as Indiana Jones although he is anthropologist, in that moment I saw with the mountains and the sky. All my environment was big and unknown, It was amazing!!! until today.
When I choose to study geography I was safe of my decisión. I never doubted of my first election, I to be Geographer, I love the Geography each day more that the before.
In few year more, I`ll like to job in trip field above glaciers and I`m weeks and months in trips....jajajaja it would be great!!! +.

waaa in repair

I`ll write about one of my best firends...
He is Mario Zamora alias “the Peruvian” or “The Mark”…jaaujauaj

He have 22 years old, and he live with his girlfriend in her house. In this moment, he study military mechanic (he repair tanks) at the “Fuerzas Armadas”, but, he is since before mechanical of the institute INACAP.

He is more shot with I, and he draw and watch japanese movies, until it be few time.

I know ti he since 2001, when I started the secondary school at the “Liceo Industrial de Puente Alto”. I know to all his family. He have a sister, father and mother and grandmother.

We don`t see much because he study every week at the “Fuerzas Armadas” and I`m at the University or with my family or with my girlfriend. But I call to he once or twice for month…jajauja equal it`s few.

Much time ago we did more things that now, we played football and saw much movies together to others friends. But who I and he, we`ll started to have others compromises who the study and the job, for his part, we can`t to together more in a row. He is more responsible and he love much to his family and we, his friends, because is a good friend!!!

He is Mario

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Field Trip to Pichilemu

Hi classmate`s blogs

The past Field Trip was great for me!!!, but not better like of Rural Geography in past year…
So, I walk much time for the beach, I watching dunes and her above the tsunami at February more later that the earthquake. The travel it was to town Pichilemu, at the sixth region.
I compiled information about the hazards town as floodings, earthquakes and tsunamis.
The thursday we went to watch destroy houses, that it was very heavy. Houses with usual things above the sand, destroy beds and much more things….
In the night all we us meeting at a shack to speak about ours information, those moment it was very interesting and I learning more.
I walk for the street I see beautiful building and houses, however the town is very boring except the area where the people do surf, the sector is call “Punta de lobos” or “Tip of Wolfs”

That`s all gays!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the try of revision

Hi everybody
I want you to know I don´t know much about English……excuse me!!! so…
Number of de posts: 4 post
Photographs: 3 (consider the personal photographs)
Videos: 2, the first of a film and the second is of a video music
The blog of the Estefania is totally beautiful, it have 4 post until the momento, 3 photographs of a telephon and uno tree. Also it have 2 video music, in general is very tidy althouht it haven´t much colours or correct, but is very interesting.
My first impresión of the Estefania blog was the astonishment, because this blog is very funy.
This is my try of the chechking….I chose the post “Good bye!”

…Hi classmates and Simon! I really like movies, so is very difficult to me talk about one movie. In last time I’ve seen many good films, like “Die well” a movie based on true events, about the power of dictatorships and “Nueces para el amor “a romantic movie with a strength political sense. But in this time, I don’t write about those ones.

I choose “Good bye Lenin” one of my favorite films. I saw for the first time in 2004, and I saw newly (it again)WF a couple of weeks ago. I was boring so I decided saw the movie one more time, and … Oh my god! I don’t mind having seen before, because I loved it like the first time.

Good bye Lenin is a German movie of 2004, they main actors are Daniel Brül, Katrin Khamatova and María Simón (like the teacher!), and the scenes were drawn in Berlin.

The story is set in 1990, in the context of the fall of Berlin wall, in other words, in the end of East Germany. A boy (Alexander), needs to protect his mother ( Christiane) because she is very fragile for a fatal shock after a long coma. Christiane, is a political leader of East Germany and the Berlin wall fall down while she was in coma. For this situation, her son try to make her believe the German Democratic Republic is alive.

I think that movie is a perfect reflection of the idealism of the age.

I hope you see the trailer !