Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My prefer activity

Far the best place for to visit for me, it is the match of rugby between the South Africa v Barbarians, near the Waterloo station. Because the barbarians have the best try of the history in where seven or nine players touch the ball after of achieve a goal or try, this it was in 80´years so so.
But I see another place very interesting called Café de Paris in where there are show old the night like dancing, opera and theater, this option I could be the best for my because to my girlfriend prefer this places than watch a rugby match.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nintendo Game!!! :) -> XD

When I was a child a I love played in a square or a street witch a lot of childrens more, we played much types of plays or games like to hides, burns or play gemes as Nintendo o Zega, we was greats plays.
In this contex it had a game than it was my preferite, the Nintendo, is those time near of the 95´ the sensation of that moment it´was Mario Bros, a sovietic than lived in american for that his colour red and mustache jajaujauaja, now in serious, the best geme it was the word of Mario Bros, I remember much moment played with my cousins and friends.
In this game you had than save to a princess of a emperor very bad, for achieve this aim you had than to kill a thousands of small animals or criatures. You could play with two jostings for control a Luigui, than it was the brother of Mario.
In really I learn to play I alone, practice much time played with anothers games of the diferent kinds, my father only learn me to arm the console of video game.
I played of a long time, during my age in the school, but that bring me a lot the problems with my mom, she prohibited me watch tv and more play Nintendo with my friends in my room. One day when I arrived to home I see my album the football above the stove and immediate I blame to my mom, more later remembering notice me than when I out of hose I leave above the stove my album.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I think than a greatest chilean can to be not only really people if not too a animal or better a cartoon like for example one with the who a lot of the young and olds it´s identify, like is the case of Condorito, than is the representation por the craftiness of the chilean.
It do many years ago your can see and read a this personage in the “Condorito magazine” in where it speak about the life of chileans like his funny moment, this comic is great!!!. Condorito live all day in Pelotillegue a nice place in where happen much funny thing.
This Comic is more importan than only his act of show funny things, in his pages show the importan of daily events like the friendship or evilness the anothers, for that I like read this chilean comic.
When I arrive to Pelotillehue I question him: why even theren´t marritage beetwen your and Yayita?, moreover ¿why head of egg have head of eggs and not of cucumber or carrot? and finally, Why Coné never grow in all the history?
Now I find out than Cesar kindnap me topic “Condorito”, jajajaja this can´t to be!!!
I remember when we travel with my family always read Condorito comic in the bus to was good moment od my childhood, but never i complete of read the comic in the bus... because I boring later of a time.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What I like it be....when big?

If I could choose any job I´d choose to be a researcher of glaciers because that people is of the few than can see grear think like beautiful places, in where the antarctic and the south of Chile are the best places in the word for watch snow and ice.
I would enjoy job in glaciers in the moutain in were your can walk above the ice, run hillside down or simply smell the fresh and cool air, I think than that is the reason for work in this place and is great!
Would it be a satisfying job reserach glaciars because in the last time this great mass of ice a lost his since in all the world between the antarctic until Greenland in the north of the world, is more the glaciars are very importar because provide of water a contrys in anywhere like the little north of Chili or the same Santiago city, for that the importance of the research of this mass of ice.
I know much people tahn job in glaciers, they work in this moment in scientific centers like the CEAZA in the Coquimbo region, CEQUA in Sand Tip city or where I like work CECs (Scientific Study Centers), much of the people than job in this places studed in this university and before study in a university of the UK or New Zealand in where the research in very strong.
But the one bad of the glaciology is than is a science and not can see all like the geography than is lovely.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello are you Nicole?

Nicole kidman is the most beautiful woman of all the world sure later of my girlfriend.

There are a lot of interesting people in the word that I could know and for that in very difficult to choose. In these moment I´ll write about the best actress!!! a she red-haired (Colorina?). Although I nearly to write the Sr. A. Pinochet…

I´d like to meet her because to elaborate a gran quantity of films since the romance until the drama, but that not is importat because she is really beautiful although and more important is than she have the hear blond, yeah!

So I don´t know than thing she about the whales maybe she can propose a solution for complete his murden with a only smail or who know another thing more like a performance for example.

I think she have much interresting thing for learn me about all the coutrys than to visit in the last time like australia or france when she worked in a film called Red Mill or like is more it know Moulin Rouge in where interpret a cabaret woman... Ajjajaauja in reality I´d prefer only look to she nothing more than that. Now speaking in serious I think than she know much about her natal country, she is australian. This precious country is very special having deserted and jungle in the same ailand.

In summary for that I speak about the Kidman and not about Pinochet, there aren´t where get lost, tru?...

See you later...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

another idea crazy of Simón! To speak about your perfect day

Simon and his stranges topics! Noo! Never I think in a perfect day, is very few time, I´d like to have a week or best than that a year perfect, jajauja...but is a few complicate, because I´d have than to leave all me works in this world. So for that is better to speak about a day.
When I think about a perfect day I remember much long times in where I knew people, I ran or only I enjoyed this moment without more than to breathe deep.
That day is all the than to like a man a beautiful day a perfect day, but not only for my if not for all the people than it´s this together with me.
My perfect day would have much colours like green and blue, a special song as the sing of a mermaid, smells to fruit, and a hot weather as in the caribbean. But if I´m only it would is very boring is for that than all the frienly people would can it´s hire, in this moment.
This place is a tropical island with all the people inside in where the music hit a alls.
But I like than all my life to be a perfect day since the very early in the mornig until very late in the night, whe close my eyes together to my memory

This would it be my perfect day!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A tour for Santiago

So, Chili is a great place to visit, it have bigs mountains, a lot of diferents landscapes, a huge ocean and much plant and animals.
In this context, Santiago have the posibility of be near the montains like The Morado or The Plomo or the same Volcano San José, all in the basin of the river Maipo. This places are for real men, for the common people is better places like Farellones in where tha family can to ski.
But isn´t the one than the foreigner can to do in the capital. There are more places interesting, about all in the night like the neighborhood bellavista, this not is the same than the pubs in the street Pionono than is very dangerous. The neighborhood Brasil is a good option. Too are the Casino way to Rancagua or way to the Andes.

Now I present you a list of the best places to know:

5° The Quinta Normal Park: It was a experimental place in where the government introduced in the past species animals and vegetables, today is la beautiful park.
4° The General Cemetery: Here there are much peoples important, sure than dead, like Salvador Allende, Victor Jara, José Manuel Balmaceda, for example.
3° Museum of the Natural History: There is inside of the Quinta Normal Park, here there is a lot of the interesting things like animals, insects and natives sculptures.
2° San Cristobal Hill: this hill is a green heart of the city.

1° Palace the Coin: Is the big symbol of the nationality and represent the importance of the democracy.

See you.

A shop you like

in construcction...

The little dancer, today I don’t dance nothing

I remember much thing as the partys with my relative in the grandmother house, the grilled with my parents and without doubt the activities for fiestas patrias in the school. When I was child I danced all the years, I danced much styles and I did similar things. But this it was only in the primary school.

I paraded of the little sailor, I danced the dance the Easter island and other typical dances of Chili. I loved to do this in the school but today I do not dance nothing, I believe than is because in a lot years I didn´t remember the paces dance.

But it than more remember is to play with my cousins for this partys, only play all day, today I enjoy other thing like to do the grilled with my friends and family, to dry chicha or terremoto, but more important than that is remember the why all the Chilean celebrate these date, I think much people don´t know why the 18 day is very important, but more important is the 12 of February of 1818 in where the father of the party sing the independence.

In my life never I was to the military paraded in the O´Higgins, I never was dog race or a party of the south of Chili, I feel than I am missing more thing for know, but there are a lot of time for front.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The last student demostrations

Over the last few years in Chile a significant revolution is happening in aspects student, like major politics in education.

The pass law about public aducation spoke of the education of quality for a few peoples, generally the people with more money can to pay the best schools. The constitution chilean say than all chilean can student and for they the State delivery education a through of public schools, these schools in general and with few resources give poor education, but there are exception as the National Institute for boys, and the Liceo 7 for girls.
So, that old law is called LOSE, to day, and after the change that law appear other similar but called LGE (abbreviation in spanish than mean Education General Law). This new law inherit a thing very important of the other law, in where the town council manage the education and not the State through the departement like the education departament.
For other part I agree with the demostrations because is the only way in than you can cammunicate your discontent with the current politics….
I was part in much demostrations, on all when I was more joung, in the firts years of the university and the secondary school, that it was great!!!
In the last demostration than was in this faculty in where the policy entered I don´t came, this demostration appeared in the tv and it was very strong for me see as my classmates was blews.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Metropolitan Zoo in Santiasco versus the Zoo in Mendoza

I will write about the my first visit to the zoo in Mendoza.
I knew the Mendoza Zoo four or five years ago, in a semmer, in this moment I traveled with my girlfriend.

The Zoo is in the park called San Martín Park, that place is very great, it have much grocer's shop in where the people sell a kind the hot dog, but these have cheese and harm, it are very delicious!!!, too there are much frienly lawns and a artificial lake in where you can sail un a big sailing.

Well the Zoo lots of animals as bears, leons, dinosaurs and whales. The interesting is than this zoo have a large expanse in comparison with our Zoo in Santiasco city. In this place the animals was more happys than here!!!
Who the zoo is very big is boring to walk all the day, but worth the effort.

I enjoyed to know this Mendoza Zoo but i felt sadness when I thought in our zoo, in where the elephant Fresia than live in a litle space, fill of the sand in where there aren´t pasture o trees, that is ugly. For other part the giraffes don´t have as eat because with his long legs is very complicate for they down for to drik water or eat food. Lack trees and places more bigs for this animals....
Is veru important the animal conservation but in good condition...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I´ll write about something that i never done before, to fall in parachute!!!

The Parachuting try in than one person or more persons fall since an aeroplane or a balloon or something that are a much altitude. I heared once than if you shout nobody can hear you, this is great.

I would like fall in parachute for to feel the feeling that I´m fly and than nothing it can touch me. To see the grandeur of our Earth with the wind in my face. To do this it would not be very complicate, but I would have than to have one hundred dollars cash now. I don´t have this money for that...ajaujajaa...that pity.

I think than how it´s not a regular sport all the people would do parachute jump would good at it, then I could do a good jump. But is very dangerous this sport.

A place in where it´s practice is in the Curacaví aerodreme near of the route Santiago-Valparaíso, in this place you can to do the parachute jump course for only one thousand dollars....uffff is very expensive!, each jump have a cost the ninety dollars.

In Santiago city thera are much schools of the parachute jump how the army or particular schools... here I anclose one web page for that you can to see the cost and others things.

That it´s all, because i don´t know than see more ...


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the RUGBY...more than a passion :O

The Rugby ang the Foolball

The FIFA world cup started a few days ago, it was very important until that Chile lost against the best team of the globe "Brasil", but few people knew about the mundial of the rugby in the year 2007 at France. The Rugby started same time than the foolball, in England. In a text about this sport say that the Football is a sport of gentlemans played for pimps and than Rugby is a sport of pimps played for gentlemans...I know both sport and i think it depends... Who all we know South Africa haven´t a great team of football, but in Rugby are world champions, however aren´t only than played good this sport, in south america the Pumas of argentina are the best of the continent and the Condores de chile than aren´t so bads, too it play good. In Chile there are much teams as: University Catholic, University of Concepcion, The Wild Boar, and others team very bad as the University of Chile....bright is a joke... Bye!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the best foolball -> Chilean Team

Hi classmates the red the all!!!

I find it amazing that all the world is alert the Foolball World Cup, these activitys do that people of all part of the world forget his problems for a momento, but we can´t to forget the reality, tomorrow for example “the transantiago” up the ticket cost.Well, about the Chile and Honduras game, I could to watch only a Little time the game.Since very early in the morning I listen bugles or vuvuzelas in my neightborhood, it was awful, sounded as a honeycomb. Few after I get up and i eating breakfast i watch the game ten or fifteen minutes, I was only in the living room but i can´t to see the goal the Beausejour, in this moment my father was in his bed room.
I enjoyed a few the game but was enouht for to know that Chile would win the match, in a part Vidal almost do a goal!!! of head.
But although Vidal is a great fooball player the figure the game it was Alexis Sanchez, he danced a the defences played other team, i think that they could to do more goals.
According me no it was a worst chilean played because all played with precision and claw for his country…jajujauj or if no, they could´t come back to Chile jajaja.
I´m sure that chilean team can win the World Cup, nothing is impossible, in much sport we are or was number one, for example in karate or female football, although no is the same…

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Construccion!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi classmates, I´ll tell you about my best Holiday...

My best Holiday

I have the better remembers about that Cucao holiday, it was my second Holyday with Natalia, my girlfriend of all the life. Ours first together holidays was in Mendoza of Argentina. This travel was in the summer 2007. Months before of begin the university, it was great!!!...
We traveled ten or more hours from Santiago to Puerto Montt by bus, in where we took other bus to Castro, the capital city of the province the Chiloé, this travel it was the same day that we arrived to Puerto Montt, the day was beautiful.
We took a backpack each, in where we had much things for to eat, clothe and candys…jajajaja!...
From Castro we travel to Ancud, in where we pay a bedroom in a hostal, the room was very little but it was very warm. This day, we visit the handmade center, this centre today no exist, sad :(.
The Ancud we travel to Quellón, in this place the sea move back fifty or one hundred sea inside, is for this process that is this island the houses are palafittes. In this town, we sleep two night in tent.
After we travel to Cucao, in this town there is five or ten houses nothing more, but there is one lake beautiful, and the beach is more beautiful and more cold. Is funny, because in this beach the cows eaten algas….

that was my best holiday…
see you classmates and friends!

Hi Classmates!

I`ll write on a of the best geography subject for me….

But, I haven´t one favourite geography subject, is more I like all the subjects.
I`ll tell about the subjects of introduction to the Glaciology, Geomorphology and the Climatology.
My teachers was F. Ferrando for Introduction to the Glaciology, J. Araya in Geomorphology and A. Mauro in Climatology… These three subjects are very important for understand the glaciological process, that so much I like. Chile have a big territory with hundreds the glaciers, on all in the south of ours country, I like this topic because it cover much interactions between anthropological topics and the nature environment.
For I put in practice these subjects I have learnt more english, it`s very important to know this language for to read papers about the Glaciology, because the major number of the research this in english.
Today I feel that know very few, I say not that I`m ready for it`s a geographer…I lack much for to be a big geographer that is the idea when I finish the university…I can to do much things in this moment for finish more ready who to study English for example…
That is all, bye!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Work for 2/6/2010

your have that entre to:

Monday, May 31, 2010

+ The Geography is the best thing !!! +

I decided to study Geography because…

+ I´m very obsessive, is for they that no I couldn´t sleep in the night. When I complete the secondary school I´ll like study a career that it will have his objective in the nature environment, in where I´ll can to be near of fresh air, with animals and plants. But also it will add the antropic effect above the natural environment. The geograpy do that and more.
To day, I dream with the geography anywhere….I see the geography in each place that I visit.
All it began when I was a little boy, I dreamer as Indiana Jones although he is anthropologist, in that moment I saw with the mountains and the sky. All my environment was big and unknown, It was amazing!!! until today.
When I choose to study geography I was safe of my decisión. I never doubted of my first election, I to be Geographer, I love the Geography each day more that the before.
In few year more, I`ll like to job in trip field above glaciers and I`m weeks and months in trips....jajajaja it would be great!!! +.

waaa in repair

I`ll write about one of my best firends...
He is Mario Zamora alias “the Peruvian” or “The Mark”…jaaujauaj

He have 22 years old, and he live with his girlfriend in her house. In this moment, he study military mechanic (he repair tanks) at the “Fuerzas Armadas”, but, he is since before mechanical of the institute INACAP.

He is more shot with I, and he draw and watch japanese movies, until it be few time.

I know ti he since 2001, when I started the secondary school at the “Liceo Industrial de Puente Alto”. I know to all his family. He have a sister, father and mother and grandmother.

We don`t see much because he study every week at the “Fuerzas Armadas” and I`m at the University or with my family or with my girlfriend. But I call to he once or twice for month…jajauja equal it`s few.

Much time ago we did more things that now, we played football and saw much movies together to others friends. But who I and he, we`ll started to have others compromises who the study and the job, for his part, we can`t to together more in a row. He is more responsible and he love much to his family and we, his friends, because is a good friend!!!

He is Mario

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Field Trip to Pichilemu

Hi classmate`s blogs

The past Field Trip was great for me!!!, but not better like of Rural Geography in past year…
So, I walk much time for the beach, I watching dunes and her above the tsunami at February more later that the earthquake. The travel it was to town Pichilemu, at the sixth region.
I compiled information about the hazards town as floodings, earthquakes and tsunamis.
The thursday we went to watch destroy houses, that it was very heavy. Houses with usual things above the sand, destroy beds and much more things….
In the night all we us meeting at a shack to speak about ours information, those moment it was very interesting and I learning more.
I walk for the street I see beautiful building and houses, however the town is very boring except the area where the people do surf, the sector is call “Punta de lobos” or “Tip of Wolfs”

That`s all gays!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the try of revision

Hi everybody
I want you to know I don´t know much about English……excuse me!!! so…
Number of de posts: 4 post
Photographs: 3 (consider the personal photographs)
Videos: 2, the first of a film and the second is of a video music
The blog of the Estefania is totally beautiful, it have 4 post until the momento, 3 photographs of a telephon and uno tree. Also it have 2 video music, in general is very tidy althouht it haven´t much colours or correct, but is very interesting.
My first impresión of the Estefania blog was the astonishment, because this blog is very funy.
This is my try of the chechking….I chose the post “Good bye!”

…Hi classmates and Simon! I really like movies, so is very difficult to me talk about one movie. In last time I’ve seen many good films, like “Die well” a movie based on true events, about the power of dictatorships and “Nueces para el amor “a romantic movie with a strength political sense. But in this time, I don’t write about those ones.

I choose “Good bye Lenin” one of my favorite films. I saw for the first time in 2004, and I saw newly (it again)WF a couple of weeks ago. I was boring so I decided saw the movie one more time, and … Oh my god! I don’t mind having seen before, because I loved it like the first time.

Good bye Lenin is a German movie of 2004, they main actors are Daniel Brül, Katrin Khamatova and María Simón (like the teacher!), and the scenes were drawn in Berlin.

The story is set in 1990, in the context of the fall of Berlin wall, in other words, in the end of East Germany. A boy (Alexander), needs to protect his mother ( Christiane) because she is very fragile for a fatal shock after a long coma. Christiane, is a political leader of East Germany and the Berlin wall fall down while she was in coma. For this situation, her son try to make her believe the German Democratic Republic is alive.

I think that movie is a perfect reflection of the idealism of the age.

I hope you see the trailer !

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My free time totally cracy

.........For a long time i traveled around de world when i was little boy, I met lots of people of all colours and types, But when I arrived in Chile didn´t go out of the country again. My hobby was to run behind lions or zebras......++ Every thing was amazing but no is reality++

It´s that I remembered of my free time in my childhood....more late in my teenager i practiced a year cheerleader but too i had long time for i go out to nightlife, all in times of School.

I used to like to see many movies on the weekend with my family and i go out to run together my greater cousin for the park when he come to my home...but now wedon`t see movies because my middle sister get out every day to university and my father work past half night...

The past weekend we went with my middle sister to visit to our mother and my little sister a their house, it was great....I ate much delicious food..I like ice cream.... Always I try of to enjoy together my little sister but she much times cry, I think that she feel himself far....

By Classmates!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Experts call for hike in global water price

To day each offer for an improvement in the water servise in Kenya have that fight against high prices the water because the rising population to renerate a greater demand for this resource, in a country much poor each day. Fuente:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Legend

The film is call "I legend"

Uf! this movie I see much times...the principal actor is call Will Smith, he worked in the best film as Men in Black or "in search for happiness", but he begin in the serie "the rap prince".

The first time that i see the film I was only a weekend and how not I had nothing that make I see twice that same day.

To try about one scientist only in the New York city because others scientist invent the cure for the Cancer, but all result bad.... this vaccine generate that much people fall sick, for to turn in wild outgoing only night... All the film he try of to make the cure now no for the vaccine but for the wild people and animals infect. finally he discoved the cure and gave to a woman that will travel to the heal colony.

This movie I like because It watch how a only man can help to world giving his live for others.

How I don´t know that more write I will write about other film too to make for Will Smith "search for happiness", but this movie in comparison as I legend is more hard about the love for go ahead with his little son. His your married leave him, and he live in the undergroun and the street with his son until that he attain obtain the best work in the stock exchange. Good Films!!! You have that see two films!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Final day!!! by me

+ It was an amazing day or major told an awful night..... it was a crazy moment for this moment i fall in love still more for the Geography,once again I will tell you all that I lived through +

That night I don´t get out my home....can you believe me? is truth!!! I´m was very tired...
I was slept who i feel a feeling the movement in my bed, it was really amazing, but I scream who never...I don´t de one, in my family all we were bad.
The next day "sunday" we didn´t have electric energy and I don´t know about magnitude the "Earthquake" above all in the Concepion city only I listened the radio of me neidbourhood in the day.
I think that the people helped much to Citys afected in the earthquake, is more, a lot of people wonted to gave help to the hurt and the family people dead. But the politics was really the guilty for not supervise the constructions when was the moment, and in the sutnami the fault is the goberment.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"the nail clippers" the best pice technological

Everybody we had suffer the scratch of some one.
it`s very painful!!!

Did you have a girlfriend or boyfriend (depend of yours to preference) with nails long? and where scratch you?

The nail clippers is make of multiple materials as metal or wood although somedoby use his owns teeth for cut his nails,
is rare but true.

His form can have much appearences according if is use for childrens or adults. It`s have form of animals as shark...

Too have others uses. Can you use for cut cables when repair things in your home or when see you football on TV and the antenna fall since roof, but have than make when nobody see you...ok?. Too you can cut thread or as scissors

The firs time than use this pice technological I have only three of live (My Mum, 2010) and use until today.

"The Nail clippers"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I like Imagine by Juan Lenon

John Lenon was english singer the a band much famous, do you remember who is this band?, don´t worry I have the anwer...The Beatles!!!, but this singer was died in 1980.

The first time than listen this song was much months back in the winter, in a rain´s have one beautiful word!!! you listened the song?.

This song is wave spring (emergente) rock of the 70´s, but Im not sure that.

Simon ours ask how often I listen to it, I should say, than I listen this song every days.

I like because talk about the beautiful will be the world without things bad has hunger people and less injustice, where all people live happy together with animal in peace....

But no is the one best song for my, too Amazing The Rolling Stones and I Still Love de Scorpions...It can sound very onion but its song very good...

if do you like some of this song write my..ok?

by...see you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The firts Class with teacher Simon

I thought in the morning than today would be a beautiful and great day, but I remembered than today I start the english class, uf! awful!!!, I arrive in the after and not it was very awful.