Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Metropolitan Zoo in Santiasco versus the Zoo in Mendoza

I will write about the my first visit to the zoo in Mendoza.
I knew the Mendoza Zoo four or five years ago, in a semmer, in this moment I traveled with my girlfriend.

The Zoo is in the park called San Martín Park, that place is very great, it have much grocer's shop in where the people sell a kind the hot dog, but these have cheese and harm, it are very delicious!!!, too there are much frienly lawns and a artificial lake in where you can sail un a big sailing.

Well the Zoo lots of animals as bears, leons, dinosaurs and whales. The interesting is than this zoo have a large expanse in comparison with our Zoo in Santiasco city. In this place the animals was more happys than here!!!
Who the zoo is very big is boring to walk all the day, but worth the effort.

I enjoyed to know this Mendoza Zoo but i felt sadness when I thought in our zoo, in where the elephant Fresia than live in a litle space, fill of the sand in where there aren´t pasture o trees, that is ugly. For other part the giraffes don´t have as eat because with his long legs is very complicate for they down for to drik water or eat food. Lack trees and places more bigs for this animals....
Is veru important the animal conservation but in good condition...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I´ll write about something that i never done before, to fall in parachute!!!

The Parachuting try in than one person or more persons fall since an aeroplane or a balloon or something that are a much altitude. I heared once than if you shout nobody can hear you, this is great.

I would like fall in parachute for to feel the feeling that I´m fly and than nothing it can touch me. To see the grandeur of our Earth with the wind in my face. To do this it would not be very complicate, but I would have than to have one hundred dollars cash now. I don´t have this money for that...ajaujajaa...that pity.

I think than how it´s not a regular sport all the people would do parachute jump would good at it, then I could do a good jump. But is very dangerous this sport.

A place in where it´s practice is in the Curacaví aerodreme near of the route Santiago-Valparaíso, in this place you can to do the parachute jump course for only one thousand dollars....uffff is very expensive!, each jump have a cost the ninety dollars.

In Santiago city thera are much schools of the parachute jump how the army or particular schools... here I anclose one web page for that you can to see the cost and others things.

That it´s all, because i don´t know than see more ...