Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What I like it be....when big?

If I could choose any job I´d choose to be a researcher of glaciers because that people is of the few than can see grear think like beautiful places, in where the antarctic and the south of Chile are the best places in the word for watch snow and ice.
I would enjoy job in glaciers in the moutain in were your can walk above the ice, run hillside down or simply smell the fresh and cool air, I think than that is the reason for work in this place and is great!
Would it be a satisfying job reserach glaciars because in the last time this great mass of ice a lost his since in all the world between the antarctic until Greenland in the north of the world, is more the glaciars are very importar because provide of water a contrys in anywhere like the little north of Chili or the same Santiago city, for that the importance of the research of this mass of ice.
I know much people tahn job in glaciers, they work in this moment in scientific centers like the CEAZA in the Coquimbo region, CEQUA in Sand Tip city or where I like work CECs (Scientific Study Centers), much of the people than job in this places studed in this university and before study in a university of the UK or New Zealand in where the research in very strong.
But the one bad of the glaciology is than is a science and not can see all like the geography than is lovely.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello are you Nicole?

Nicole kidman is the most beautiful woman of all the world sure later of my girlfriend.

There are a lot of interesting people in the word that I could know and for that in very difficult to choose. In these moment I´ll write about the best actress!!! a she red-haired (Colorina?). Although I nearly to write the Sr. A. Pinochet…

I´d like to meet her because to elaborate a gran quantity of films since the romance until the drama, but that not is importat because she is really beautiful although and more important is than she have the hear blond, yeah!

So I don´t know than thing she about the whales maybe she can propose a solution for complete his murden with a only smail or who know another thing more like a performance for example.

I think she have much interresting thing for learn me about all the coutrys than to visit in the last time like australia or france when she worked in a film called Red Mill or like is more it know Moulin Rouge in where interpret a cabaret woman... Ajjajaauja in reality I´d prefer only look to she nothing more than that. Now speaking in serious I think than she know much about her natal country, she is australian. This precious country is very special having deserted and jungle in the same ailand.

In summary for that I speak about the Kidman and not about Pinochet, there aren´t where get lost, tru?...

See you later...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

another idea crazy of Simón! To speak about your perfect day

Simon and his stranges topics! Noo! Never I think in a perfect day, is very few time, I´d like to have a week or best than that a year perfect, jajauja...but is a few complicate, because I´d have than to leave all me works in this world. So for that is better to speak about a day.
When I think about a perfect day I remember much long times in where I knew people, I ran or only I enjoyed this moment without more than to breathe deep.
That day is all the than to like a man a beautiful day a perfect day, but not only for my if not for all the people than it´s this together with me.
My perfect day would have much colours like green and blue, a special song as the sing of a mermaid, smells to fruit, and a hot weather as in the caribbean. But if I´m only it would is very boring is for that than all the frienly people would can it´s hire, in this moment.
This place is a tropical island with all the people inside in where the music hit a alls.
But I like than all my life to be a perfect day since the very early in the mornig until very late in the night, whe close my eyes together to my memory

This would it be my perfect day!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A tour for Santiago

So, Chili is a great place to visit, it have bigs mountains, a lot of diferents landscapes, a huge ocean and much plant and animals.
In this context, Santiago have the posibility of be near the montains like The Morado or The Plomo or the same Volcano San José, all in the basin of the river Maipo. This places are for real men, for the common people is better places like Farellones in where tha family can to ski.
But isn´t the one than the foreigner can to do in the capital. There are more places interesting, about all in the night like the neighborhood bellavista, this not is the same than the pubs in the street Pionono than is very dangerous. The neighborhood Brasil is a good option. Too are the Casino way to Rancagua or way to the Andes.

Now I present you a list of the best places to know:

5° The Quinta Normal Park: It was a experimental place in where the government introduced in the past species animals and vegetables, today is la beautiful park.
4° The General Cemetery: Here there are much peoples important, sure than dead, like Salvador Allende, Victor Jara, José Manuel Balmaceda, for example.
3° Museum of the Natural History: There is inside of the Quinta Normal Park, here there is a lot of the interesting things like animals, insects and natives sculptures.
2° San Cristobal Hill: this hill is a green heart of the city.

1° Palace the Coin: Is the big symbol of the nationality and represent the importance of the democracy.

See you.

A shop you like

in construcction...

The little dancer, today I don’t dance nothing

I remember much thing as the partys with my relative in the grandmother house, the grilled with my parents and without doubt the activities for fiestas patrias in the school. When I was child I danced all the years, I danced much styles and I did similar things. But this it was only in the primary school.

I paraded of the little sailor, I danced the dance the Easter island and other typical dances of Chili. I loved to do this in the school but today I do not dance nothing, I believe than is because in a lot years I didn´t remember the paces dance.

But it than more remember is to play with my cousins for this partys, only play all day, today I enjoy other thing like to do the grilled with my friends and family, to dry chicha or terremoto, but more important than that is remember the why all the Chilean celebrate these date, I think much people don´t know why the 18 day is very important, but more important is the 12 of February of 1818 in where the father of the party sing the independence.

In my life never I was to the military paraded in the O´Higgins, I never was dog race or a party of the south of Chili, I feel than I am missing more thing for know, but there are a lot of time for front.