Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My free time totally cracy

.........For a long time i traveled around de world when i was little boy, I met lots of people of all colours and types, But when I arrived in Chile didn´t go out of the country again. My hobby was to run behind lions or zebras......++ Every thing was amazing but no is reality++

It´s that I remembered of my free time in my childhood....more late in my teenager i practiced a year cheerleader but too i had long time for i go out to nightlife, all in times of School.

I used to like to see many movies on the weekend with my family and i go out to run together my greater cousin for the park when he come to my home...but now wedon`t see movies because my middle sister get out every day to university and my father work past half night...

The past weekend we went with my middle sister to visit to our mother and my little sister a their house, it was great....I ate much delicious food..I like ice cream.... Always I try of to enjoy together my little sister but she much times cry, I think that she feel himself far....

By Classmates!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Experts call for hike in global water price

To day each offer for an improvement in the water servise in Kenya have that fight against high prices the water because the rising population to renerate a greater demand for this resource, in a country much poor each day. Fuente:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Legend

The film is call "I legend"

Uf! this movie I see much times...the principal actor is call Will Smith, he worked in the best film as Men in Black or "in search for happiness", but he begin in the serie "the rap prince".

The first time that i see the film I was only a weekend and how not I had nothing that make I see twice that same day.

To try about one scientist only in the New York city because others scientist invent the cure for the Cancer, but all result bad.... this vaccine generate that much people fall sick, for to turn in wild outgoing only night... All the film he try of to make the cure now no for the vaccine but for the wild people and animals infect. finally he discoved the cure and gave to a woman that will travel to the heal colony.

This movie I like because It watch how a only man can help to world giving his live for others.

How I don´t know that more write I will write about other film too to make for Will Smith "search for happiness", but this movie in comparison as I legend is more hard about the love for go ahead with his little son. His your married leave him, and he live in the undergroun and the street with his son until that he attain obtain the best work in the stock exchange. Good Films!!! You have that see two films!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Final day!!! by me

+ It was an amazing day or major told an awful night..... it was a crazy moment for this moment i fall in love still more for the Geography,once again I will tell you all that I lived through +

That night I don´t get out my home....can you believe me? is truth!!! I´m was very tired...
I was slept who i feel a feeling the movement in my bed, it was really amazing, but I scream who never...I don´t de one, in my family all we were bad.
The next day "sunday" we didn´t have electric energy and I don´t know about magnitude the "Earthquake" above all in the Concepion city only I listened the radio of me neidbourhood in the day.
I think that the people helped much to Citys afected in the earthquake, is more, a lot of people wonted to gave help to the hurt and the family people dead. But the politics was really the guilty for not supervise the constructions when was the moment, and in the sutnami the fault is the goberment.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"the nail clippers" the best pice technological

Everybody we had suffer the scratch of some one.
it`s very painful!!!

Did you have a girlfriend or boyfriend (depend of yours to preference) with nails long? and where scratch you?

The nail clippers is make of multiple materials as metal or wood although somedoby use his owns teeth for cut his nails,
is rare but true.

His form can have much appearences according if is use for childrens or adults. It`s have form of animals as shark...

Too have others uses. Can you use for cut cables when repair things in your home or when see you football on TV and the antenna fall since roof, but have than make when nobody see you...ok?. Too you can cut thread or as scissors

The firs time than use this pice technological I have only three of live (My Mum, 2010) and use until today.

"The Nail clippers"