Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nintendo Game!!! :) -> XD

When I was a child a I love played in a square or a street witch a lot of childrens more, we played much types of plays or games like to hides, burns or play gemes as Nintendo o Zega, we was greats plays.
In this contex it had a game than it was my preferite, the Nintendo, is those time near of the 95´ the sensation of that moment it´was Mario Bros, a sovietic than lived in american for that his colour red and mustache jajaujauaja, now in serious, the best geme it was the word of Mario Bros, I remember much moment played with my cousins and friends.
In this game you had than save to a princess of a emperor very bad, for achieve this aim you had than to kill a thousands of small animals or criatures. You could play with two jostings for control a Luigui, than it was the brother of Mario.
In really I learn to play I alone, practice much time played with anothers games of the diferent kinds, my father only learn me to arm the console of video game.
I played of a long time, during my age in the school, but that bring me a lot the problems with my mom, she prohibited me watch tv and more play Nintendo with my friends in my room. One day when I arrived to home I see my album the football above the stove and immediate I blame to my mom, more later remembering notice me than when I out of hose I leave above the stove my album.


  1. Mario games were good, but they are so violent for a girl like you, jojo


  2. jajajaa I never didn't have nintendo game :(
    but today my sister have a playstation 2
    now I can play video games! jajajaa :P

    hugs for you*