Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The last student demostrations

Over the last few years in Chile a significant revolution is happening in aspects student, like major politics in education.

The pass law about public aducation spoke of the education of quality for a few peoples, generally the people with more money can to pay the best schools. The constitution chilean say than all chilean can student and for they the State delivery education a through of public schools, these schools in general and with few resources give poor education, but there are exception as the National Institute for boys, and the Liceo 7 for girls.
So, that old law is called LOSE, to day, and after the change that law appear other similar but called LGE (abbreviation in spanish than mean Education General Law). This new law inherit a thing very important of the other law, in where the town council manage the education and not the State through the departement like the education departament.
For other part I agree with the demostrations because is the only way in than you can cammunicate your discontent with the current politics….
I was part in much demostrations, on all when I was more joung, in the firts years of the university and the secondary school, that it was great!!!
In the last demostration than was in this faculty in where the policy entered I don´t came, this demostration appeared in the tv and it was very strong for me see as my classmates was blews.