Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The little dancer, today I don’t dance nothing

I remember much thing as the partys with my relative in the grandmother house, the grilled with my parents and without doubt the activities for fiestas patrias in the school. When I was child I danced all the years, I danced much styles and I did similar things. But this it was only in the primary school.

I paraded of the little sailor, I danced the dance the Easter island and other typical dances of Chili. I loved to do this in the school but today I do not dance nothing, I believe than is because in a lot years I didn´t remember the paces dance.

But it than more remember is to play with my cousins for this partys, only play all day, today I enjoy other thing like to do the grilled with my friends and family, to dry chicha or terremoto, but more important than that is remember the why all the Chilean celebrate these date, I think much people don´t know why the 18 day is very important, but more important is the 12 of February of 1818 in where the father of the party sing the independence.

In my life never I was to the military paraded in the O´Higgins, I never was dog race or a party of the south of Chili, I feel than I am missing more thing for know, but there are a lot of time for front.

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