Monday, May 31, 2010

+ The Geography is the best thing !!! +

I decided to study Geography because…

+ I´m very obsessive, is for they that no I couldn´t sleep in the night. When I complete the secondary school I´ll like study a career that it will have his objective in the nature environment, in where I´ll can to be near of fresh air, with animals and plants. But also it will add the antropic effect above the natural environment. The geograpy do that and more.
To day, I dream with the geography anywhere….I see the geography in each place that I visit.
All it began when I was a little boy, I dreamer as Indiana Jones although he is anthropologist, in that moment I saw with the mountains and the sky. All my environment was big and unknown, It was amazing!!! until today.
When I choose to study geography I was safe of my decisión. I never doubted of my first election, I to be Geographer, I love the Geography each day more that the before.
In few year more, I`ll like to job in trip field above glaciers and I`m weeks and months in trips....jajajaja it would be great!!! +.


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  2. I like your vision about the Geography, is very good!!

  3. Is very sure your vision dennys like your sexuality? jejeje, no Dennys it`s a young joke. ;)

    see you!

  4. je je je my beautiful friend!

    you idealist, funny and adventurer! I like your stile as person and as geographer ;)
    i love you friend!