Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi Classmates!

I`ll write on a of the best geography subject for me….

But, I haven´t one favourite geography subject, is more I like all the subjects.
I`ll tell about the subjects of introduction to the Glaciology, Geomorphology and the Climatology.
My teachers was F. Ferrando for Introduction to the Glaciology, J. Araya in Geomorphology and A. Mauro in Climatology… These three subjects are very important for understand the glaciological process, that so much I like. Chile have a big territory with hundreds the glaciers, on all in the south of ours country, I like this topic because it cover much interactions between anthropological topics and the nature environment.
For I put in practice these subjects I have learnt more english, it`s very important to know this language for to read papers about the Glaciology, because the major number of the research this in english.
Today I feel that know very few, I say not that I`m ready for it`s a geographer…I lack much for to be a big geographer that is the idea when I finish the university…I can to do much things in this moment for finish more ready who to study English for example…
That is all, bye!

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  1. I also like glaciers. Glaciology is one of the most interesting fields of the Geography