Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the best foolball -> Chilean Team

Hi classmates the red the all!!!

I find it amazing that all the world is alert the Foolball World Cup, these activitys do that people of all part of the world forget his problems for a momento, but we can´t to forget the reality, tomorrow for example “the transantiago” up the ticket cost.Well, about the Chile and Honduras game, I could to watch only a Little time the game.Since very early in the morning I listen bugles or vuvuzelas in my neightborhood, it was awful, sounded as a honeycomb. Few after I get up and i eating breakfast i watch the game ten or fifteen minutes, I was only in the living room but i can´t to see the goal the Beausejour, in this moment my father was in his bed room.
I enjoyed a few the game but was enouht for to know that Chile would win the match, in a part Vidal almost do a goal!!! of head.
But although Vidal is a great fooball player the figure the game it was Alexis Sanchez, he danced a the defences played other team, i think that they could to do more goals.
According me no it was a worst chilean played because all played with precision and claw for his country…jajujauj or if no, they could´t come back to Chile jajaja.
I´m sure that chilean team can win the World Cup, nothing is impossible, in much sport we are or was number one, for example in karate or female football, although no is the same…

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