Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A tour for Santiago

So, Chili is a great place to visit, it have bigs mountains, a lot of diferents landscapes, a huge ocean and much plant and animals.
In this context, Santiago have the posibility of be near the montains like The Morado or The Plomo or the same Volcano San José, all in the basin of the river Maipo. This places are for real men, for the common people is better places like Farellones in where tha family can to ski.
But isn´t the one than the foreigner can to do in the capital. There are more places interesting, about all in the night like the neighborhood bellavista, this not is the same than the pubs in the street Pionono than is very dangerous. The neighborhood Brasil is a good option. Too are the Casino way to Rancagua or way to the Andes.

Now I present you a list of the best places to know:

5° The Quinta Normal Park: It was a experimental place in where the government introduced in the past species animals and vegetables, today is la beautiful park.
4° The General Cemetery: Here there are much peoples important, sure than dead, like Salvador Allende, Victor Jara, José Manuel Balmaceda, for example.
3° Museum of the Natural History: There is inside of the Quinta Normal Park, here there is a lot of the interesting things like animals, insects and natives sculptures.
2° San Cristobal Hill: this hill is a green heart of the city.

1° Palace the Coin: Is the big symbol of the nationality and represent the importance of the democracy.

See you.


  1. is incredible... but, the palces are boring for me.
    If I'll am turist, I won't travel to Santiago for going to this places... :/

  2. i beleave, dennis, that exist better places in santiago, see you