Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello are you Nicole?

Nicole kidman is the most beautiful woman of all the world sure later of my girlfriend.

There are a lot of interesting people in the word that I could know and for that in very difficult to choose. In these moment I´ll write about the best actress!!! a she red-haired (Colorina?). Although I nearly to write the Sr. A. Pinochet…

I´d like to meet her because to elaborate a gran quantity of films since the romance until the drama, but that not is importat because she is really beautiful although and more important is than she have the hear blond, yeah!

So I don´t know than thing she about the whales maybe she can propose a solution for complete his murden with a only smail or who know another thing more like a performance for example.

I think she have much interresting thing for learn me about all the coutrys than to visit in the last time like australia or france when she worked in a film called Red Mill or like is more it know Moulin Rouge in where interpret a cabaret woman... Ajjajaauja in reality I´d prefer only look to she nothing more than that. Now speaking in serious I think than she know much about her natal country, she is australian. This precious country is very special having deserted and jungle in the same ailand.

In summary for that I speak about the Kidman and not about Pinochet, there aren´t where get lost, tru?...

See you later...


  1. jajajaj Dennys. You are crazy. You post is very fun!. I agree with you : Nicol Kidman is a good actress, but for you is more for her appareance..jajja.

    kisses dennys

  2. jajajajajaaa
    nothing costs to dream... saying the proverb... :P

    regards Dennys!!