Tuesday, October 12, 2010

another idea crazy of Simón! To speak about your perfect day

Simon and his stranges topics! Noo! Never I think in a perfect day, is very few time, I´d like to have a week or best than that a year perfect, jajauja...but is a few complicate, because I´d have than to leave all me works in this world. So for that is better to speak about a day.
When I think about a perfect day I remember much long times in where I knew people, I ran or only I enjoyed this moment without more than to breathe deep.
That day is all the than to like a man a beautiful day a perfect day, but not only for my if not for all the people than it´s this together with me.
My perfect day would have much colours like green and blue, a special song as the sing of a mermaid, smells to fruit, and a hot weather as in the caribbean. But if I´m only it would is very boring is for that than all the frienly people would can it´s hire, in this moment.
This place is a tropical island with all the people inside in where the music hit a alls.
But I like than all my life to be a perfect day since the very early in the mornig until very late in the night, whe close my eyes together to my memory

This would it be my perfect day!!!


  1. Hello Gaynnis

    Do not let the fire burn yor perfect day

  2. Enjoy every day! Never we know =)