Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What I like it be....when big?

If I could choose any job I´d choose to be a researcher of glaciers because that people is of the few than can see grear think like beautiful places, in where the antarctic and the south of Chile are the best places in the word for watch snow and ice.
I would enjoy job in glaciers in the moutain in were your can walk above the ice, run hillside down or simply smell the fresh and cool air, I think than that is the reason for work in this place and is great!
Would it be a satisfying job reserach glaciars because in the last time this great mass of ice a lost his since in all the world between the antarctic until Greenland in the north of the world, is more the glaciars are very importar because provide of water a contrys in anywhere like the little north of Chili or the same Santiago city, for that the importance of the research of this mass of ice.
I know much people tahn job in glaciers, they work in this moment in scientific centers like the CEAZA in the Coquimbo region, CEQUA in Sand Tip city or where I like work CECs (Scientific Study Centers), much of the people than job in this places studed in this university and before study in a university of the UK or New Zealand in where the research in very strong.
But the one bad of the glaciology is than is a science and not can see all like the geography than is lovely.



  1. jajaj you explain so much your job! be more simply bye